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Dotmach Affiliate Program

Dotmach launches Affiliate Program with highest payouts


While Dotmach is heading to the next phase of our growth ramp, we are glad to announce the launch of Dotmach Affiliate Program for on line marketers and freelancers. We welcome you to spread the word about our Enterprise Platform for Communication, Collaboration and Managing projects.


The Affiliate Program rewards you for referring our service to your customers. The terms of the Affiliate program are very favorable and there is no charge to join the program.

Recurring Referral Commissions – Our referral commission payment plan is among the best in the industry. We offer a 20% ongoing referral commission for each payment we receive by the customers you refer to us using your unique URL, for as long as that customer continues the Dotmach subscription.

Currently all the payouts are made via PayPal. We will include Wire Transfer also as a payout method soon.

The Dotmach Affiliate program is open to everyone. Sign up is very easy and FREE!!!

Dotmach New Year 2014

We are successful because of you, Let’s welcome 2014 together with more success and blessings !!!


As 2013 draws to a close, I would like to take the opportunity to thank our loyal customer base. It was a quite rewarding year for us, as we grown up to 5159 company networks today.

Moreover Dotmach achieved many memorable accomplishments this year.

Journey of Dotmach through the year 2013 was truly awesome.

In this year, Dotmach has helped many businesses, our clients, to manage their work, which has resulted them in amazing team productivity.  New year 2014 may turn out to be a year when you are put on the road to everlasting success and prosperity. Be the change that you wish to see at your workplace and take initiatives to make things better.

I would like to thank my team, who has helped to drive all these achievements. Finally, thank you again to our customers – We look forward to supporting you through next year and beyond.

Focus on being productive instead of being busy. 

Wishing you all a productive year, with Dotmach!!!!!

Thanks & Regards,

Farooq A Rahim,

Founder & CEO, Dotmach

Macbook pro

Dotmach – One of the top 30 promising startups of India at TechSparks 2013.


Dotmach is awarded as one of  the TECH30 startups  at “Techsparks 2013 Grand Finale” by India’s biggest digital media platform  for startups, entrepreneurs, The “”.

“India’s first benchmarking document for early stage technology ventures, was brought out with the intention of turning the spotlight on the 30 product technology startups that India needs to watch out for, with the stamp of approval from leading investors such as Sequoia Capital and technology giants like Intel Software, IBM, Google, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Cisco and more” – YourStory’s TECH30 Report Says.

“Coming down to 30 companies from 800 top quality applications is a difficult task.”- YourStory Says

Dotmach team received the TECH30 award at the grand event TechSparks Organized by at Bangalore ( The Startup capital of India ) on oct 5, 2013.

Our team is greatly excited by this recognition, We are really grateful to Yourstory team for appreciating us as the Tech30 startup in India.

Dotmach Team


Dotmach introduced Kanban view for tasks


Never mind if one of your team member like to view the tasks in a list and another one likes the Kanban view. Dotmach now allows you to view your tasks in the way you like to see. Those who want to visualize the workflow can have a Kanban view in Dotmach.

In Kanban you can create as many Lists on the board. You can now easily create a task list using a double click on anywhere on the board and add tasks to it.


move taskKanban view in Dotmach is very useful in production management and customer support management. When a task reaches the next stage of work flow, you can easily move it to the next stage. What you need to do is just drag and the drop to the next stage. Here is a particular use case for a customer support centre.

Reinforced Task manager to manage your tasks simply and quickly as you want.


If you are really looking forward to manage your tasks simple easy as you dream, then there is a good news for you from Dotmach team. We brought some thing which you would really love. As a part of Reinforcing Task management to have an awesome usability and better task planning, we have introduced some updates inside Dotmach’s Task manager. Please make use of these below mentioned task manager updates for better task planning.

Task Lists- Brings you a proper Task flow and planning.

Now inside Task page you can create Task lists, After creating Task lists you can create corresponding tasks inside that list. This makes your tasks more organised and offers a better task planning. Below I demonstrated  how I used this Task list feature for Organizing my tasks for creating this blog.


Task Status – To identify the progress of your tasks.

You can select different task status inside the task details window, which easily  indicates what’s happening to your tasks.


After selecting the task status, those status will be displayed with each task in the task page, which makes you pretty easy to note out the condition  of each tasks.


Move Task- To easily export Tasks to Workspace, Projects and Task list.

From now don’t get  frustrated  if you have  accidentally created a task inside a wrong Workspace( Project or in a Task list). We brings you “Move Task” function which offer you a simple way to export your tasks to any workspace, project or even to a Task list. In order to export tasks, you need to access the Move Task option inside the Task details window of each task.


Overwhelmed employee

Employees are overwhelmed!!! And not productive?


When we do more things our productivity will go high, however does it mean that an organization where all the employees are overwhelmed with work will result in high productivity? Definitely not ! It’s a real fact that when employees feel overwhelmed, their morale gets degraded and productivity goes down. There is no actual mechanism to find out how much an employee is flooded with tasks. The work has to be equally distributed among the employees and everyone should know about the load each one handles. For that there should be a good work management system inside the organization that helps you to organize your work with ease.

Lets see how a good work management system can improve the productivity:

  • Manage the tasks.

If you have 10 tasks to complete, you cannot perform all the tasks at a time. So it is necessary to prioritize the tasks and complete it in that order. For this the employees should be consistently clear about the priorities. Managers should be able to instruct and assign works to the team members based on priority.

  • Organize on a Calendar

Use a Calendar to organize your events so that you will never miss an event due to your busy schedule. It would be great if your calendar notifies you about your upcoming events.

  • Communicate effectively

Internal communication is the key in any organisation to manage the employees and their works. Emails are no more an effective medium for that any more. Unwanted emails eats a lot of your time and thereby reduces your productivity. What you need is a network within the organization that allows interactive communication.

  • Centralize your contents

Scattered contents are always annoying. Every time you need to search for contents in emails, your personal storage drives or in any other media is difficult and consumes a lot of your time.  You should have a centralized content management system where you can easily access, organize, manage and share your files.

  • Appreciate the hard work

Employees will be happy to work hard only if their work is appreciated. The achievements should be praised instantly, that will encourage and motivate the employees to put in more effort.

  • Reduce meetings

We belong to globalized workplace where our team members and clients can be dispersed anywhere in the world. Meetings kill most time of employees. Meetings are not always productive, frequent meetings will increase the overwhelmed feeling.

  • Give employees chance to express their opinion.

Employees should be allowed to provide constructive opinions. This can be done through opinion polls or discussion forums. Great ideas can come from anywhere as in the case of Post-It note, Band-Aid or the Traffic lights.

  • Work Collaboratively

Provide a more collaborative environment for the employees to work together. Collaboration will provide increased capacity and expertise to achieve more in less time.

Hence It is the high time to think about an awesome Work Management Application that can transform the way you work and keeps you on top of productivity.


Introducing Dotmach…!


Hello Everybody…!

It’s our sincere pleasure to introduce “Dotmach”.  For the last six months we were working passionately on a  solution for a problem which is tried out by many companies over the years, the issue of managing team workflow.

So managing the workflow of a team working together and collaborate to achieve great things is always a pain. Nowadays, we use many tools to manage our work, Our data  is scattered on different services, another tool for communication, so bottom line is we are not in a single place  to manage our team and organize work. Going back and forth from one app to another to get things done kills productivity. People are frustrated using cumbersome applications and the pain point they face is the lack of simplicity. Also maintaining a work-life balance is not as easy as before due to the “busy-ness” in every one.

Even we also faced some challenges to manage the workflow during our last venture. So we thought about taking it. Numerous discussions and  brainstorming sessions  made our thoughts converged into taking a genuine attempt to do a simple work management tool “dotMach“, an unified application to perform internal communication and team collaboration in an effortless fashion.

The fire power behind Dotmach is a young, small and energetic team with a lot of passion to make a dent. Our team is bound with a vision to make an effortless and powerful work management tool.  Right now we are in the pipeline of a developer API and a simple yet agile mobile application. Probably within next couple of months we will deliver that too, as we know that mobile computing is far most important in today’s Work environment.

We are wholeheartedly thankful for our small list of beta users for their suggestions and  feedback which helped us to make the simplest UI. We’ve only Started to Scratch The Surface And we have a long journey ahead  the best way to make Dotmach better and better is with all of your feedback and we believe in that.

We invite you to join together in Dotmach and be a synergistically awesome team.

Farooq A Rahim
Founder, Dotmach