Employees are overwhelmed!!! And not productive?


When we do more things our productivity will go high, however does it mean that an organization where all the employees are overwhelmed with work will result in high productivity? Definitely not ! It’s a real fact that when employees feel overwhelmed, their morale gets degraded and productivity goes down. There is no actual mechanism to find out how much an employee is flooded with tasks. The work has to be equally distributed among the employees and everyone should know about the load each one handles. For that there should be a good work management system inside the organization that helps you to organize your work with ease.

Lets see how a good work management system can improve the productivity:

  • Manage the tasks.

If you have 10 tasks to complete, you cannot perform all the tasks at a time. So it is necessary to prioritize the tasks and complete it in that order. For this the employees should be consistently clear about the priorities. Managers should be able to instruct and assign works to the team members based on priority.

  • Organize on a Calendar

Use a Calendar to organize your events so that you will never miss an event due to your busy schedule. It would be great if your calendar notifies you about your upcoming events.

  • Communicate effectively

Internal communication is the key in any organisation to manage the employees and their works. Emails are no more an effective medium for that any more. Unwanted emails eats a lot of your time and thereby reduces your productivity. What you need is a network within the organization that allows interactive communication.

  • Centralize your contents

Scattered contents are always annoying. Every time you need to search for contents in emails, your personal storage drives or in any other media is difficult and consumes a lot of your time.  You should have a centralized content management system where you can easily access, organize, manage and share your files.

  • Appreciate the hard work

Employees will be happy to work hard only if their work is appreciated. The achievements should be praised instantly, that will encourage and motivate the employees to put in more effort.

  • Reduce meetings

We belong to globalized workplace where our team members and clients can be dispersed anywhere in the world. Meetings kill most time of employees. Meetings are not always productive, frequent meetings will increase the overwhelmed feeling.

  • Give employees chance to express their opinion.

Employees should be allowed to provide constructive opinions. This can be done through opinion polls or discussion forums. Great ideas can come from anywhere as in the case of Post-It note, Band-Aid or the Traffic lights.

  • Work Collaboratively

Provide a more collaborative environment for the employees to work together. Collaboration will provide increased capacity and expertise to achieve more in less time.

Hence It is the high time to think about an awesome Work Management Application that can transform the way you work and keeps you on top of productivity.