Introducing Dotmach…!


Hello Everybody…!

It’s our sincere pleasure to introduce “Dotmach”.  For the last six months we were working passionately on a  solution for a problem which is tried out by many companies over the years, the issue of managing team workflow.

So managing the workflow of a team working together and collaborate to achieve great things is always a pain. Nowadays, we use many tools to manage our work, Our data  is scattered on different services, another tool for communication, so bottom line is we are not in a single place  to manage our team and organize work. Going back and forth from one app to another to get things done kills productivity. People are frustrated using cumbersome applications and the pain point they face is the lack of simplicity. Also maintaining a work-life balance is not as easy as before due to the “busy-ness” in every one.

Even we also faced some challenges to manage the workflow during our last venture. So we thought about taking it. Numerous discussions and  brainstorming sessions  made our thoughts converged into taking a genuine attempt to do a simple work management tool “dotMach“, an unified application to perform internal communication and team collaboration in an effortless fashion.

The fire power behind Dotmach is a young, small and energetic team with a lot of passion to make a dent. Our team is bound with a vision to make an effortless and powerful work management tool.  Right now we are in the pipeline of a developer API and a simple yet agile mobile application. Probably within next couple of months we will deliver that too, as we know that mobile computing is far most important in today’s Work environment.

We are wholeheartedly thankful for our small list of beta users for their suggestions and  feedback which helped us to make the simplest UI. We’ve only Started to Scratch The Surface And we have a long journey ahead  the best way to make Dotmach better and better is with all of your feedback and we believe in that.

We invite you to join together in Dotmach and be a synergistically awesome team.

Farooq A Rahim
Founder, Dotmach