Reinforced Task manager to manage your tasks simply and quickly as you want.


If you are really looking forward to manage your tasks simple easy as you dream, then there is a good news for you from Dotmach team. We brought some thing which you would really love. As a part of Reinforcing Task management to have an awesome usability and better task planning, we have introduced some updates inside Dotmach’s Task manager. Please make use of these below mentioned task manager updates for better task planning.

Task Lists- Brings you a proper Task flow and planning.

Now inside Task page you can create Task lists, After creating Task lists you can create corresponding tasks inside that list. This makes your tasks more organised and offers a better task planning. Below I demonstrated  how I used this Task list feature for Organizing my tasks for creating this blog.


Task Status – To identify the progress of your tasks.

You can select different task status inside the task details window, which easily  indicates what’s happening to your tasks.


After selecting the task status, those status will be displayed with each task in the task page, which makes you pretty easy to note out the condition  of each tasks.


Move Task- To easily export Tasks to Workspace, Projects and Task list.

From now don’t get  frustrated  if you have  accidentally created a task inside a wrong Workspace( Project or in a Task list). We brings you “Move Task” function which offer you a simple way to export your tasks to any workspace, project or even to a Task list. In order to export tasks, you need to access the Move Task option inside the Task details window of each task.