Experience the pleasure of working together, be synergistically awesome.
Attain productivity effortlessly through sharing and communing with your team.

Collaborative Work Management.

Powerful Workspace that can accelerate collaboration to increase your Productivity.

Dotmach offers a Powerful Workspace, that enhance communication and collaboration while working together. Dotmach allows the members to build separate workspace and work collaboratively upon unlimited projects.

External Collaboration With Dotmach you can Easily & Securely Collaborate your work with outside company contacts, and get things done fast. Share files, assigns tasks and communicate with guest members such as clients, partners etc in a secure way.

An Advanced Task Management tool to keep your workflow organized

Amazing features integrated to boost your work management and get rid of stress inside your “to dos”.
  • Easily Create, Assign and Follow Task
  • Pin the most important ones to focus on accomplishing it
  • Drag tasks from the list to alter the assignee, priority and order
  • Engage in real time discussions and bring out the best strategies
  • Archive the completed tasks and keep track of the achievements
  • Filter, Labels and Sorting for easy search
  • Add files and notes for easy reference
  • If deleted any task unintentionally, Undo and get it back on the list.
  • Set Priorities and be aware about the tasks that should completed ASAP.

Internal Communication made Simple.

Wide range of features to retain your people connected and make them more enthusiastic and productive.

Dotmach offers you a real time chat system in which you can initiate multiple private chats with any number of users at the same time. This inbuilt chat feature keeps you always connected with your team members even though you are working on different projects.

  • Enables you to do your work and handle the conversations with your teammates on a single window rather than swapping through several windows.
  • Share files, discuss ideas, ask queries, and express opinions one to one in real time.
  • Saves your conversation so that you'll always know “What you had discussed with Whom and When”
  • Never miss the important messages when you are offline, Dotmach notifies them when you are back.

The perfect place to resolve all your internal communication needs.

Cloud Content Management

Dotmach offers you Machbox as a centralized content management system. Store, Share and Collaborate on documents and other rich media using Machbox.

Import from Cloud and Share with your team easily. No matter where you store your files, MachBox is integrated with cloud storage services like Box.net and Dropbox.

The 1- time download feature offers high security for your documents, which provides restricted one time access. The files in machbox can be protected by password. You can also set expiry time for your documents while you are sharing it with your teammates.

  • Create Folders and Easily Drag and Drop files to it
  • Add Label to the files and make it easily searchable
  • Add followers to your files and notify them about the new file.
  • Manage file versions so that your file history is always available
  • Confirm the final version of the file by locking it
  • Make internal and external file sharing secure
  • Have discussions about the file using real time notes and comments
  • Recover your deleted files from trash

Built in Enterprise Networking.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success
- Henry Ford

Activity feeds provide a way to announce updates about a person or a group of people within the dotmach network. Through the feeds the people can broadcast, perceive and interact on all the updates to provide social interaction. Use status messages to share your thoughts and updates on your work.

Management experts suggest that praise, when used wisely, is a powerful motivator any small company can afford. Each user of dotmach can give three praises per week. A prompt, specific, sincere and positive praise using dotmach will create an awesome difference in employee engagement.

Collective Intelligence - Extract the collective knowledge from your team
  • image_bulb brainstorming
    Dotmach gives you an opportunity to tap the intelligence and imagination of the employees. Any member of a dotmach network can post an idea and all the other members can rate it on a 10 point scale.
  • solve
    Get answers for your questions, use collective knowledge. Any member who is having a query to his teammates can post a question in dotmach. The answer to the query can be posted as a comment to the question.
  • conduct
    Dotmach assist you in taking right decisions through Polls. Whenever you want to go for a survey before driving a decision, use dotmach polls.

Network Governance

Minimize the risk factors by preventing and monitoring your network from unauthorized access and misuse.

Account Management: The owner of the Dotmach network can set any number of users as administrators. The administrators can also set individual privileges to each and every user. They can also add new employees and delete old employees from the network at anytime.

Create User Groups: Admin can create and control various user groups. Dotmach allows you to instantly share content between distant groups to expedite collaboration and eliminate duplication.

With IP Restriction: It is possible to restrict access to the site to an administrator defined set of IP addresses. Anyone trying to access the site from an IP address, which is not in the list of allowed IP address will be restricted from accessing the dotmach network.

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Implement enterprise collaboration through Dotmach and improve the efficiencies around the projects and tasks that drive your business.